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My pride is my passion

I can picture Saraiva from its first corners. Simple and devoid of ornamentation except for the bare essentials typical of the XIX century. I pulled two more centuries from my imagination and transformed the simplicity of grays into the sensitivity of color. 

I remember unchanged stories of Saraiva full of flowers, with warm little eggs of generous chickens, of deep greens and infinite blues. I hear past images of childish cries of delight echoing on the rocks of the paths, of working grandfathers waking up at dawn and returning at sunset to crowded family tables, eager for their generous grandmothers’ meals.

Saraiva stretches through walls and rooms in time and the children’s footsteps turn into happy encounters. We still like to shout on the terraces and summon us to lunch, to toast, and rejoice and enjoy the eternal greenish blue of the romantic sunsets.

I wanted the landscape colors of my Saraiva to live indoors like fearless residents, surrounded by their inner light… and then I scattered original pieces of artists to look at and to be accompanied by. 

I want to reveal Saraiva’s art as a great creator of beauty in the shapes, embroideries, sculptures and paintings coexisting with the landscape’s bright hues. I want to show the beauty of beautiful things to be hung forever in a corner of the soul and mind of your memories of Saraiva and of Madeira. 

We want you to feel the perfection of sharing beauty.

I am starting a small collection on Saraiva with admired Madeiran, Portuguese and foreign artists … All pieces with an art history to be told in the eyes of the beholders by their creators. 

Saraiva is the essence of love for what you do. My pride and my passion.

Graciela Rodrigues Figueira

Artwork on ground floor

Painting #1

Artist: José Cunha

Jose Cunha was born in Porto, Portugal, an engineer by training, he came to discover painting as a form of expression at the age of 39 . His paintings reflect geometry, shapes, and balance of colour.

Several international exhibitions and competitions make Jose Cunha a milestone in the Portuguese painting of this century.


Painting #2

Artist: José Fernandes

 Jose Fernandes is a self-taught artist of great originality and creativity. He was born in Funchal and is considered one of the best painters and sculptors in Madeira. He has sculptures and paintings exhibited in downtown Funchal and the old town as well as in other cities in Portugal

Several solo exhibitions throughout the years have left the imprint of his point of view of the world through art. 



Portuguese Tiles #3

Artist: José Fernandes

Tiles are one of the most striking and valuable expressions of Portuguese culture.

They have existed in Portugal for more than 500 years as a decorative and architectural element. The “Azulejos”  arrived on the Iberian peninsula through the Arabs. During the 13th century and throughout the centuries, they adjusted to the Portuguese reality, portraying social customs, military epics and religious acts that artists depicted on Tiles. 

 Centuries later, the “Azulejos” still are a way to talk about history in Portuguese convents, squares, churches and palaces along centuries 

Painting #4

Artist: Giovanni Huber

Italian painter and sculptor. A world traveler. On one of his trips to Cabo Verde island Huber decided to create several sculptures with garbage and scatter them on endless heaps. With humor and cynicism, metaphorically, the artist portrays social decay and the human condition. Huber has an unmistakable style that turns the seriousness of his exhibition into playful art.



“Girl with a Peach”, 2017

Artist: Aleksandr Derkach

Derkach was born in Siberia and graduated as a psychiatrist. He reconciles his life with frequent visits to Madeira. His works have been presented in several international exhibitions and private collections. Derkach Illustrates the complexity of the human being and its existential question.



Artist: Pedro Freitas

He was born in Portugal. These pictorial records were acquired at an art auction in Lisbon in 2019

Our Art - Webs Mirai
Our Art - Webs Mirai

Painting #8

Unknown Artist

This painting has been held as part of the family heritage for many decades

Embroideries from Madeira display #9

The Madeira art of embroidery has existed since the 15th century when the first settlers arrived on the island. The learning process of this craft has been passed down from generation to generation. However, this art was only recognized, marketed and exported by the end of the 19th century. There is a history that surpasses more than 150 years of passion and skills in the Madeiran Embroidery. 

Embroidery is part of the culture and history of Madeira. Such as with the regional wine it is one of its identifying features. The exquisite presence of such art surpasses the natural barriers of the archipelago and goes on to cover a rich bed or table. A long time ago these pieces were crafted by humble hands but almost always destined for a noble home. Embroideries were held as invaluable work. They remained for family enjoyment, a bride’s trousseau, a gift or to be bequeathed upon death. For a very long time, embroidery was deemed a product not to be sold, rarely leaving the family circle. 

A hundred years ago there were about 50,000 embroiderers of all ages in Madeira but new generations are not so interested to learn this particular activity anymore. However, we can still find the women of embroidery scattered throughout the island repeating the stitches with great dedication and passion. They spend long hours covering the blue lines stamped on cotton, linen or organza creating pieces of the highest quality and beauty.

Unfortunately, it is a craft that the newer generations do not want to continue, and therefore embroidery is at risk of disappearing in the near future.


New Project (7)

Ponto Richelieu, Garanitos, Ponto de Corda e Folhas Fechadas


Ponto Arrendado, Bastidos, Richelieu, Caseado


Richelieu, Caseado, Folhas Fechadas


Ponto de Corda, Caseado, Garanitos Pau, Folhas Fechadas


Richelieu, Ponto de gorda, Bastidos e Ponto trás

Richelieu Olhos Abertos, Folhas Fechadas, Garanitos


Richelieu, Garanitos, Ponto Trás , Canelas Abertas e Caseado

Art pieces on the First Floor

Our Art - Webs Mirai

Painting 10#

Artist: Elisa Meira

Elisa Meira was born in Lisbon. She graduated in  Artistic Production at the Antonio Arroio School with a degree in ceramics and studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Several art individual and collective exhibitions in Lisbon and Paris make Elisa an admired young Portuguese artist.




Gaia”, 2019

Artist: Renata Domagalska

Renata was born in Poland.  She graduated from the Ponzan Academy of Arts. Her paintings have been exhibited at various artistic events throughout Europe. Her work has been admired and acquired by private art collectors from around the world.


Our Art - Webs Mirai

Painting 12# & 13#

Our Art - Webs Mirai
Our Art - Webs Mirai

Artist: Cabi

Cabi is the artistic pseudonym of Carolina Fernandes and she is one the best young artists in Madeira. She was born in Funchal where she currently lives. She studied fine arts at Caldas da Rainha, Western Portugal. Cabi’s aesthetic language, her way of communicating, is the body. For more than 7 consecutive years she has studied and created exploring this concept on her own body. She has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions at national level. She leads projects at RA Madeira as a curator of exhibitions, collective projects, fanzines… She balances her art with different expressions and presents it at “Well.com” a cosmopolitan café, restaurant and gallery in Funchal dedicated to the promotion of artistic events and to good food. 


Our Art - Webs Mirai


“The Books”

Artist: Lena Gal

She was born in the Azores. Her paintings come from experiences and memories of the island where she was born, including the female universe, ”Mother Earth”  women, and the inner force of volcanoes. She expresses   an emotional communication and the importance of the feminine in her paintings. She has done remarkable work in several collective and individual exhibitions worldwide.


Garden and Reception art pieces


Our Art - Webs Mirai


Artist:  José Fernandes

Our Art - Webs Mirai


Artist:  José Fernandes

“The Conqueror”

Artist: Moisés Preto Paulo

He was born in Almada, Portugal, and studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. He is founder and participant of the “International Sculpture Center” in Sintra, Lisbon. Moises’ pieces have won art competitions and they are exhibited in several countries , both in public and private spaces


Our Art - Webs Mirai
Our Art - Webs Mirai

Artist: Maria Rita Pires

Maria Rita  was born in Portugal in 1975. She is a figurative style artist, and studied at the “Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual” in Lisbon. She now lives in Minde, a small city in Central Portugal, where she continues her creative work in the countryside, surrounded by quiet and tranquility. She has taken part in exhibitions in Portugal and Brazil.



Hand painted Azulejos original from ”Viúva Lamego”, the oldest azulejo / tile factory in Portugal founded in 1849